V2 Twin-Gauge Curtain Pick


The V2 Twin-Gauge Curtain Pick manufactured from Silver Steel.

Featuring our unique dual-axis thumbturn, enabling the turn to be used either flat-side or cylindrical.

Includes two sets of wires, and an additional pair for customisation.

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• Both 5 gauge and 7 gauge on a single Bolt-Thrower, making selection of the correct gauge faster and simpler.
• Adjustable Bind-Pin, for greater versatility.
• V-Groove for superior freedom of wire movement.
• Clicker on Tommy Bar.
• Unique Dual-axis Thumbturn, enabling it to be used either vertically, or horizontally.
• Supplied with Long and Short wires, for left and right-hand mounted locks.
• Will also Pick old-style Securefast with 360° Curtain. A first for Curtain Picks!
• Also comes with plain wires for your own customisation.
• Complete with Allen Keys, spare grub-screws.• Supplied in a case.

“This weekend I achieved consistent Curtain Picking for the first time ever, thanks to the V2.” – Ewan Clerk – Craftlock Ltd.

“The V2 is the best thing since sliced bread. I can Pick locks with it. A First for me.” – Ken Stiff – Stifflocks.

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