Remote Control Wireless Turner


State-of-the-Art Wireless Remote-Control Turner for the Letterbox Tool. Wirelessly unlock Thumbturns, Nightlatch Knobs, Keys-on-the-inside, Rackbolts and even non-deadlocked Chubb/Union Ava 4L67E Rim Latches.

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A wireless add-on for the Extreme Letterbox Tool, for fast and easy turning of Thumbturns, Nightlatch Knobs and Keys-on-the-inside. The Remote Control Wireless Turner has the major advantage of requiring no restrictive wires, which means that even if a lock is fitted a considerable distance from the letterbox, it may still be reached with ease, – even in the case of a low-level letterbox. Openings of less than a minute are very easy once practiced. It will open the ABS Thumbturn that has to be pushed in, in seconds. The remote-control allows for very precise angles of rotation, as required.

Simply attach the most appropriate of the four included heads into the tool-holder and clip the Turner to the end of your letterbox tool using our ‘SureLock’ system. As the Turner is completely free of all wires, it will pass through the letterbox or other opening very easily without the fear of tangles or broken or detached wires. Place the grippers onto the thumbturn or keys etc. and operate the wireless remote control unit, which enables the tool holder to remotely turn (in either direction as required), and unlock the door. Heads are also included to open Rackbolts and non-deadlocked Chubb/Union 4L67E Rim Latch. The Turner uses a commonly available high-power battery, which can be found in Supermarkets, Newsagents etc. in emergencies, so no recharging is necessary.

Compatible with The Extreme Letterbox Tool and Souber LBT.

The Set comprises of:-

  • Remote Control Wireless Turner
  • Remote Controller Unit (may be different from picture)
  • 2 Batteries (One to use and a spare replacement)
  • Self-adjusting Gripper Assembly Head
  • WM Box Head
  • Rackbolt Key Head
  • Chubb Ava Head
  • Allen Keys and spare grub screw
  • Spare replacement gripper rubbers
  • Hard Case and full instructions

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