Extendable Infinities


The original variable-length, infinitely adjustable letterbox tool sections, featuring our SureLock metal connection system. Smooth, easy and secure adjustment in seconds. Also compatible with the Souber™ Letterbox Tool Kit.

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‘The Extendable – Infinity’ is a special telescopic section which offers the ability to fine-tune the required length of your letterbox tool quickly and efficiently to any length covered by the sections range. As the name suggests, the ‘Infinity’ is infinitely adjustable, with no restrictions. To extend the section, all that is required is to loosen a thumbscrew, slide the section to the desired length and re-tighten, – a process taking seconds. Once tightened, the sections will not collapse, or separate. The ‘Infinity’ may be fitted between our ‘Rattler’ handle, and one of our letterbox tool attachments. Additionally, extra sections may also be added. It is also compatible with the Souber™ Letterbox Tool Kit. The ‘Infinity’ is extremely strong, utilising our own ‘SureLock’ metal connector button clip system (protected by Design Right, Intellectual Property Rights) and once locked into place, will not separate.

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