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‘Outside-In Lock Tools’ are a husband and wife team of working Locksmiths who found that many of the difficult situations that they encountered, could have been made much easier if the appropriate tool had been available. 

Simon and Wendy overcame these problems by initially designing tools for their own use back in 2010. As each new tool tackled a problem in a novel and efficient way, they became popular at Locksmiths meetings, which led to requests from national security wholesalers to act as suppliers. As word spread, The Master Locksmiths Association and other Locksmith Training Companies incorporated ‘Outside-In’ tools into their training programmes.  

The rest is history, with Simon and Wendy carrying out all operations from concept, to prototyping, to testing, to manufacturing, to marketing and distribution nationally. They offer an impressive range of tools which have earned them an enviable reputation, not to mention a sizeable following, within the industry, making their stand at Locksmiths Trade Shows, one of the most popular. 

Never ones to go for the hard-sell, Simon and Wendy firmly believe that the quality and functionality of their tools speak for themselves, with many repeat Locksmith customers making a point of buying each new tool as it becomes available.

Trade Shows are a great way for new Locksmiths to pop along to the Outside-In Lock Tools stand for a chat and a chance to see the tools demonstrated, or even have a go themselves on their Test-door.

‘The Future is in your hands…..’

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