The PitchBlack Pack – Wireless Infrared Camera, Monitor and Bracket Set


Wireless Infrared Camera, HD Colour Monitor and Bracket Set.

“An exciting high-quality camera system. Enabling use of the Letterbox Tool in total darkness, without messy, tangly wires. Ready to use, straight out of the box!”

* Colour of product may differ from photographs.

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The PitchBlack Pack is a great way to make using your letterbox tool easier in potentially difficult situations such as total darkness, or when there is a thick curtain or coat hanging on the inside of the door, which can hamper a mirror. No additional light source is required, so there is no reflected glare. The camera comes pre-mounted on a robust steel bracket which is fully articulated and makes positioning for the perfect view fast. The monitor features a full colour HDD screen and steel bracket to hold it firmly in place on the door. Since there are no wires trailing through the letterbox, there is no chance of wires becoming damaged. Both camera and monitor are rechargeable, Li-ion batteries.

  • Wireless camera, allowing absolute freedom through the letterbox, with zero chance of trapped or severed wires, also allowing it to be set-up extremely quickly.
  • Infrared function means you have the ability to see in total darkness with extreme clarity and no additional torch is required.
  • Both Camera and DVR are rechargeable. Self-focusing camera lens.
  • Will fit through security letterboxes.
  • Digital Video Recorder / Monitor with full colour 5 inch HD display and sunshade.
  • Lightweight, fully articulated Camera bracket, compatible with Outside-In Lock Tools accessories, including the SideWinder Evolution, SideWinder, The Snibbler, The Claw, The Loop and The Kingfisher. Also compatible with the Souber™ Letterbox Tool. Now comes with quick-adjust Gripnut, in addition to low-profile nut.
  • Fully articulated and adjustable in seconds, to give the perfect angle.
  • Innovative, advanced Monitor bracket, which may be clamped through the letterbox on either side, or below, allowing unparalleled vision on the inside of the door. When correctly positioned it will not be obscured, or prohibit movement of the letterbox tool.
  • Monitor holder can be rotated in situ, to adjust for the camera being at a difficult angle.
  • All chargers and accessories included.
  • Up to 100m wireless transmission range.
  • Can be used to record.

Please check our PitchBlack Easy Set-up Guide if you are experiencing difficulties.

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