Extreme Letterbox Tool Kit


The Extreme Letterbox Tool Kit has been designed by Locksmiths to Bypass modern Door-Security, swiftly and easily. It includes multi-purpose attachments, which can eliminate the possibility of of tool-changes. For example, the ‘Kingfisher’ can not only be used for Key-fishing, but is equally at home unhooking door-chains and opening door-bolts. Metal connectors that are locked firmly into place, not only prevent bending and separating, but also allow for a ‘pulling’ motion.

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The Extreme Letterbox Tool for Locksmiths, designed and manufactured by Outside-In Lock Tools is now in its 11th year of production.

  • The Most Advanced Letterbox Tool on the Market, designed to cope with 21st Century Door-Security.
  • Extends to over 6 feet in length.
  • Extra Strong Metal Connections, which may be Pushed AND Pulled without coming apart, or bending.
  • Square Section for maximum rigidity and strength.
  • The Extreme Letterbox Tool includes the new slimline, lightweight ‘Rattler’ handle, with its Registered Design ‘loop’ which Bypasses Security Letterbox Plates. The ultimate in comfort and control.
  • Includes ‘The Snibbler’ advanced snib-lifting, and handle depression.
  • ‘The Claw’ Ingersoll™ openings made easy, and superfast door bolt/chain opening tool.
  • ‘The Kingfisher’, no more dropped keys while key-fishing thanks to its unique ‘key-trap.’
  • ‘The Loop’, designed for quick openings on commercial and industrial, heavily-sprung door handles.
  • ‘The GripStick’ large-knobbed Thumbturns (ISEO™, GeGe™ etc.) opened in seconds.
  • The Shatterproof ‘Visi-Clamp’ Stainless Steel mirror with superfast auto-clamping to hold letterbox flaps open.
  • A 200mm Extendable Infinity. A adjustable section that enables the precise length to be set in seconds.
  • The Extreme Letterbox Tool comes complete with detailed instructions, and hard case.

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