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“The Loop” has been designed to pull down on industrial and commercial type door handles, where considerable force may  be required, because being a higher-traffic area, some of  these handles feature stronger springs and other methods may fail before opening is achieved.
Self-aligning double snib-lifter means there is no need to remove the tool from the letterbox to turn the snibbler! High-visibility and high-grip enable door handle, and nightlatch knob depression, - all with one tool! Locksmiths Tools Letterbox Tool
“The Claw”. With thousands of uses, it is ideal for pushing/pulling operations. Its lightweight but strong construction works quickly on non-deadlocked  Ingersoll nightlatches and will go through the narrowest of letterboxes. It is  also amazingly effective opening door bolts and chains too! 
Locksmiths Tools Letterbox Tool
“The Kingfisher” is the king of key-fishing attachments.  Thanks to the hook on the end and the unique ‘key-trap’ ,  once the key is hooked it’s not going anywhere. It is also  very effective in opening door bolts. Very strong and  accurate, this is a ‘must’ for all Locksmiths.
Locksmiths Tools Letterbox Tool Locksmiths Tools Letterbox Tool
Tool Pack (All four tools, below)
Outside-In Lock Tools - Professional Tools for Locksmiths Outside-In Lock Tools - Professional Tools for Locksmiths
The Future is in your hands. Professional Locksmiths Tools since 2010. Made in the UK. 
“The GripStick” is frighteningly quick at opening large-  knobbed Thumbturns such as ISEO and GeGe types. No more trapped thumbturn wires!
Locksmiths Tools Letterbox Tool Locksmiths Tools Letterbox Tool
Tool Pack (all four tools) (£64.99 fully inc.)
The Loop