BullsEye - £38.99
BullsEye ~ £38.99 The ‘BullsEye’ was designed to simplify one of the most frustrating Lock-out situations, - that of attempting to operate large-levered Nightlatches such as the Yale PBS1 / 2, and the Era BS. These particular Nightlatches can prove to be problematic to operate remotely because they feature particularly strong springs, which while they are easy enough to operate by hand as intended, can present significantly more of a challenge using just a Letterbox Tool. The situation becomes even more difficult where the lock has been fitted badly, with the latch tight in the ‘keep’, which means that even more pressure is required to operate the lever. Once this amount of downward pressure on a Letterbox Tool is required, it becomes a battle to depress the lever far enough to operate it, before it slips off. This is down to a combination of several factors, but not least of all, the inevitable arc of a Letterbox Tool pivoting, and the amount of movement required on the lever. The ‘BullsEye’ Locksmiths tool overcomes this problem easily, by it’s design, which allows it to be gently jiggled into place and grip the lever on several sides simultaneously. This means that it is extremely unlik