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SideWinder Evolution ~ £239 .99 The ‘SideWinder Evolution’ builds upon the strengths of the original ‘SideWinder’, taking it to a new and exciting  level, with far greater possibilities. It is in use daily, by some of the UKs top  Warrant Locksmiths, and Master Locksmiths Association Members.  It enables rotation of Nightlatch knobs, Thumbturns, Keys, Chubb Deadbolts and Rack Bolts. It will even remove  many screws, bolts and nuts, which make for endless possibilities in problem situations, where it may be beneficial  to remove backsets from some Nightlatches/Keeps, or high-security handle sets, for snapping, drilling, or Euro-  bypassing etc. Security letterboxes present no problems, because the SideWinder Evolution will pass through letterboxes as narrow as 20mm!  Our original ‘DirectDrive’ was updated for the ‘Evolution’ version in May 2013, giving much greater torque than  ever before. Is it NOT a ‘flexible drill drive’, having far superior torque than these. Our drive features multiple  sealed bearings which enable a smoother rotation. In a lot of situations, only one finger is required to rotate the  handle. No drill or motor are required, so there is no chance of a flat battery. Length has now been increased to  1.5m, while the inner core is constructed from the strongest wire in its class. This helps to make low-level letterbox  scenarios easier. Being extremely lightweight, and of a slimline design, means that it will slide effortlessly through high-security  letterboxes, including letterbox security plates, so is the perfect companion for ‘The Rattler’ high-security letterbox  tool handle. We have designed a minimal selection of fast, interchangeable heads for the kit. There is nothing worse than an  overwhelming collection of attachments, when a few will do the job! These heads include the classic ‘SideWinder’  self-adjusting grippers, which will fit everything from an ISEO Thumbturn to more standard narrow knobs and turns, without the necessity adjust sizes. Also included is the ‘WM Box’, which has been designed as a quick alternative  head for rotating many different turns and keys etc. A rotary Rack Bolt Key attachment is another ‘must-have’.  Various other accessories are included, along with a ‘Bit Set’ which will get you started on screw-removal, and other fixings, through the letterbox! The rubbers on the ‘classic’ grippers must be considered a consumable, (carefully balanced between optimum  performance and longevity), and are therefore not covered under Warranty, though the ‘SideWinder Evolution’ comes complete with spares, and additional gripper rubbers may be purchased below. Detailed instructions are included, and the simple technique for use, may be easily mastered within approximately 10 minutes, with openings of around one or two minutes commonplace once practised. Simply position it, and operate it. Job done, and another Customer highly impressed! For best results, we recommend that the ‘SideWinder Evolution’ is used with the ‘Extreme Letterbox Tool Kit’,  because of its ‘SureLock’  metal connection system which add strength and reduce flex. Always remember to use safety glasses when using this tool! There is always the potential for danger when using any tools. We cannot be held liable for accidents, or damage.
(* Not suitable for use with large levered BS Nightlatches. Please see ‘BullsEye’  for our tool to deal with these).
ultimate Letterbox Tool SideWinder Outside-In Lock Tools
SideWinder Evolution - £239.99 
ultimate Letterbox Tool SideWinder Outside-In Lock Tools ultimate Letterbox Tool SideWinder Outside-In Lock Tools ultimate Letterbox Tool SideWinder Outside-In Lock Tools            Far Superior Torque! (NOT a flexible drill driver) Slimline/Lightweight for High Security Letterboxes! Fast, Interchangable Heads! Greater Reach! Removes Screws! Self-adjusting Grippers! Opens Nightlatches! Turn Keys on the Inside! Opens Thumbturns! ELBT / ‘SureLock’ Compatible!
Spare Gripper Rubbers (6 off)  - £6   
ultimate Letterbox Tool SideWinder Outside-In Lock Tools ultimate Letterbox Tool SideWinder Outside-In Lock Tools
Yale Nightlatch
Security Letterboxes present no problem for our slimline design
Removes screws 
Fast, interchangeable heads, for ease 
Chubb Deadbolt, opened in seconds 
Thumbturns are easily opened 
“Torque is an under statement. If carlsberg made drive cams. This would be it.” ~ Stuart Game (Windsor Locks)
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SideWinder Evolution
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