Rod-Based Snapper ~ £41.99 The ‘Rod-Based Snapper’ for ‘Euro profile’ and ‘Oval profile’ cylinder locks,from “Outside-In Lock Tools”, has the significant advantage of being able to ‘snap’ cylinders with no overhang from the door handles/door face, efficiently,which no other ‘Snapper’ is capable of. It can make short work of cylinders featuring ‘Sacrificial Break Points’. All this, without damaging or removing the door handles! There are situations, where conventional ‘Snapper Bars’ cannot be utilised, either due to inadequate overhang of the cylinder, or those featuring a ‘Sacrificial Break Point’. In situations such as these, the ‘Rod-Based Snapper’ may be used. Made from high-strength chrome vanadium steel, this tool is even capable of snapping cylinders actually fitted behind the handles. Whilst using it will generally take slightly longer than using a conventional Snapper Bar, it is another very handy addition to the Professional Locksmiths tool bag, offering an alternative method of entry. With just one hole drilled in the cylinder, using the drill bit supplied, snapping the cylinder is straightforward, even when up against ‘flush-mounted’, or ‘Sacrificial Break Point’ cylinders. Being considerably stronger than screwdrivers, this tool may even be used as an aid to loosen/remove ‘Yale-type’ rim cylinders. Comes polytubed and with detailed instructions for use, this tool is a ‘must’ to help deal with the latest generation of Cylinders, or those fitted with security handles which may be too problematic to remove swiftly, or too expensive to remove destructively. Always remember to use safety glasses when using this tool! There is always the potential for danger when using any tools. We cannot be held liable for accidents, or damage.
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Rod-Based Snapper - £41.99
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