Information Delivery Once your order has been received, you will receive an emailed confirmation. All Orders under £75 will incur a delivery charge of £6.50. We do NOT charge VAT. Please contact us for overseas shipping options. If we are out of stock on a particular item, you will be advised of this by email, and also supplied with an estimated time of dispatch. If any item you order from us arrives damaged, please contact us asap, in order that we can resolve this efficiently. We are Mail-Order only, though as we attend various conventions and meetings, it is also possible to buy our tools at these. Warranty All “Outside-In Lock Tools” come complete with a 12 month Warranty, which commences from the date of purchase. In the event of a problem, please contact us via the email in the ‘Contact Us’ section, and we will endeavour to respond asap. Please supply as many details as you can regarding the problem, and also remember to forward us your contact details. A warranty repair/replacement is free of charge. It does not constitute an extension or a new start of the warranty period. The Warranty does not cover components deemed ‘consumables’ or failure do to normal ‘wear and tear’, or abuse/misuse of the products. Items that are returned as being faulty, which upon examination are found to be functioning correctly, may incur a fee to cover return shipping. On average we receive one camera back per month, that we are informed is faulty, when in fact there is no fault with either the camera or charger. It is simply that the user has the monitor on the incorrect channel, or the camera has discharged and requires a full charge. The other possibility is that the button on the camera has not been held down long enough to turn it on (normally around three seconds is required). So we would advise you to check all possibilities very carefully before returning the camera to us. Liability Remember all tools are potentially dangerous, therefore we would always recommend the user taking necessary precautions, including Safety Glasses/Gloves etc., to ensure that injury/damage does not occur. “Outside-In Lock Tools” cannot accept any liability for injury/damage, and use of the product constitutes agreement to these terms. Always remember to use safety glasses. Why don’t we have more details/photos of our tools and how they work? Most “Outside-In Lock Tools” are of a highly sensitive nature, - after all, their purpose is for ‘breaking into properties’, - albeit legally. Therefore details and photos will generally be kept to a minimum. All our Locksmiths tools are extremely easy to use, requiring only a little practise, and come complete with full, detailed instructions on their correct use. We do NOT intend for information on our tools, being in the public domain. Privacy   Policy Any personal details held, will be used exclusively in connection with “Outside-In Lock Tools” Accounts, in accordance with GDPR. We will NOT pass on this information to anyone! Your privacy is important to us. Terms and Conditions All tools remain the property of Outside-In Lock Tools, until paid for in full. Who    do    we    sell    to? We only supply our restricted Locksmiths tools, to verifiable trading Locksmiths and individuals and organisations including the Emergency Services, which have a genuine and honourable need for these tools. We take the distribution of our Locksmiths tools very seriously, - hence using ‘Serial Numbers’ on some of our range. We either know personally, or ‘know-of’ the majority of established trading Locksmiths in the UK. However those that we are not aware of, will be be asked for some form of verification that they are Trading, before Locksmiths tools are sold. Refunds   and   Cancellations Due to the tools being of a very sensitive nature and easily damaged in unskilled hands, regretfully we cannot process refunds as any tools returned would be classed as ‘used,’ or ‘second-hand’ and could not be resold. However if there is a genuine problem, ie. a fault, we will upon examination of the tool, exchange the item, like-for-like. This is compatible with Business-to-Business Statute. What   is   a   ‘Registered   Design’/’Patent’ Simply put, they are recognised forms of protection, applied for and issued by the Intellectual Property Office, to ensure that our designs or technology are not copied and produced commercially. A great deal of time and financial resources have been ploughed into each of our designs, and it is only right and proper that we reap any rewards from our investment. All our products are protected against all forms of copyright infringement, and we will use the full extent of the legal system to prosecute, and recover damages and/or Notional License Fees through the Courts. “Outside-In Lock Tools” is a Brand Name of “Neighbourhood Locks” All tradenames/trademarks are acknowledged as being owned by their intellectual property holders.
Outside-In Lock Tools - Professional Tools for Locksmiths
Outside-In Lock Tools - Professional Tools for Locksmiths
The Future is in your hands. Professional Locksmiths Tools since 2010. Made in the UK.
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