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About Us There is a very good reason why the Master Locksmiths Association have chosen our best-selling ‘Extreme Letterbox Tool Kit,’ including the ‘SideWinder,’ ‘SideWinder Evolution,’ ‘BullsEye,’ and ‘PitchBlack Pack’ to train new Locksmiths on. Cutting-edge tools are required for todays security. As working Locksmiths, we understand the variety of situations, Locksmiths find themselves in. In particular the ‘Lock-out’. “Outside-In Lock Tools” was borne out of these situations, many of which, could have been made somewhat more straightforward if the correct tool had been available. We have quickly built-up a reputation nationally, for tools that get the job done. Time is money, and the quicker access is gained, the faster we can move on to the next call-out. With this in mind, every Locksmiths tool that the team behind “Outside-In Lock Tools”design and produce, will have come about directly from a problem encountered on the door, or for an enhancement of security. Each Locksmiths tool, deals with a ‘classic’ problem, or situation, but tackles it in a new and innovative way, only being made available to genuine Locksmiths and Covert Entry Specialists, after lengthy periods of prototyping and testing in the field. Only when we are satisfied with the end result, are they offered for sale. Evolution is not static though, and our Locksmiths tools will constantly evolve, as improvements are made, and situations change, with new additions to the range added periodically. Our philosophy is simple. Each tool will pay for itself within a short time, have evolved directly from a situation encountered in the field and be manufactured in the United Kingdom. Please do not ask us for our ‘best price’ or try and get us to haggle. This is the fastest way to get us to lose interest in your enquiry. Our prices are fixed, unless you intend buying a large quantity of the same product from us, or we have a promotion running or are offering discounts at Locksmiths Shows, demo-days or meetings etc. It cannot be overstated that it takes a great deal of time and money to design and produce our products. We are a small Company of just my wife and I and the equipment we utilise is very high-end and costly and obviously takes skill to use correctly. We feel the same about being asked to ‘do a deal’ as Locksmiths do when Customers try and negotiate a ‘best price.’ All “Outside-In Lock Tool” products may be purchased securely here, by Credit or Debit Card. We can arrange a Bank Transfer, if preferred. Please email a copy of your Business Letter-heading, or a link to your Business Web-Site when purchasing, in order that we can verify that you are a genuine trading Locksmith. We reserve the right, not to sell. Prices are fully inclusive. We do NOT charge VAT or shipping on Orders over £75. We offer complete support for our products, - our reputation has been earned, and is very important to us. Remember that all tools have the potential to be dangerous, therefore we recommend the use of protective safety glasses/gloves during use. As each “Outside-In Lock Tool” evolves directly from our experiences working as Locksmiths in the field, and we are constantly making improvements to our products, they are subject to change without prior notice. Finally; as much of the content on this site, is of a sensitive nature, it is intended to keep some details concealed. All Locksmiths tools come complete with detailed instructions for correct use. Our tools will only be sold to genuine Locksmiths, so proof of trading may be requested. Non-verifiable ‘Locksmiths’ placing orders, will be refunded.
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